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Natural Chemistry Deflea Pet & Bedding Spray 16oz

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Help protect your furry friend from pesky pests by spraying Natural Chemistry’s De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray. This formula is crafted with natural plant-based ingredients like cinnamon, clove and cedar oils. Spray it on your pet and her bedding to help kill fleas on contact, so your canine companion can get the relief she needs. This spray is proudly made in the USA and can be used around dogs 12 weeks and older.


  • Kills fleas on contact to help give your dog immediate relief.
  • Safe for use on dogs 12 weeks and older and works great on fabric and dog hair.
  • Spray product directly on your pet and her bedding to help get rid of fleas.
  • Easy to administer spray bottle allows for quick application—just turn nozzle to spray and apply product to insects directly or to areas where insects live and hide.
  • Proudly made in the USA

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