It's a New Year

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It's a New Year

It's that time of the year where we are making resolutions to start taking better care of ourselves. We think our pets deserve to have resolutions of their own.

What types of things can we do to make our pets happier and healthier?

1) It's important for our pets to maintain healthy weight since it can impact things like mobility, breathing, organ function and development of diseases like cancer. Feeding guidelines are just recommendations, since every pet is different, it's important to adjust feeding quantities based on things like age and activity level. Make sure to always use a measuring cup when feeding dry food. An easy guideline for proper weight tracking is being able to feel your pet's ribs without seeing them. If there's a padding over the ribcage, chances are they may need to be on a diet. We recommend trying a high protein/low carbohydrate diet (we have several options available), along with high fiber snacks like green beans or sweet potatoes.

2) Exercise is extremely important in keeping your pets not only physically but mentally healthy. It can take on many forms such as hiking, playing at the dog park, running or even playing with a puzzle toy for mental stimulation. Be mindful of your pet's age or any health conditions and start out slow. If your dog enjoys walking or hiking, a great way to burn extra calories is to add a backpack with few pounds of weight. (extra food, treats and water make great weights).

3) Make sure your pet gets regular vet check ups. Many common health issues can be addressed with preventative care such as dental disease. We recommend that senior pets get annual blood work to pinpoint any potential incoming health concerns such as liver or kidney disorders.

4) Give your pet lots of loving, pets just like humans suffer from loneliness, depression and anxiety. Dogs especially are pack animals and want to be with their humans. Plus cuddling with your pet has been proven to reduce stress and makes us live longer. It's a win-win!


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