Boxiecat Air Lightweight Extra Strength Litter 6.5lb

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Boxiecat Air™ litter is light on what you don’t want but mighty on what you need because we believe you should experience lightweight litter without compromising on performance. AirTight™ clumps lock in odors, scoop easily, and don’t crumble. Enjoy a super clean litter box while saying goodbye to weight, odors, and dust. Boxiecat Air™ is plant based, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and USA sourced.

Boxiecat Extra Strength eliminates odors in two ways. Extra Strength probiotics stop odors before they start, immediately targeting odors anytime waste is present. Meanwhile, Extra Strength’s AirTight™ clumps trap bacterial and ammonia odors so they can’t escape. As an added bonus, this formula inhibits increased litter box odors due to rich protein diets.


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