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Ethical Pet Double Diner 1pt

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  • NON-SKID - One of the most crucial features looked for in a pet feeder is its ability to withstand the aggressive behaviors of your cat and dog. This Diner Time Double Diner was strategically designed with little black rubber leg add-ons to create a non-skid effect. Using these rubber legs assures the diner stays in place even with your excited furry friends eager and ready to eat!
  • BACTERIA-FREE - The material used to feed your pet deeply affects your pets health and safety. Plastic bowls and dishes are known to cause pet acne because of all the collected bacteria. Stainless steel dishes are bacteria-free and will avoid any such issues. Here at Ethical Pet, your pet’s health is paramount! We are sure your puppies and cats will love eating food and drinking water from these amazing pet food bowls.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - We know convenience is everything!! Easy does it! Just put these dishes in the dishwasher and your feeder will be good as new! Dishes are perfect for both food and water.

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