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Ruth has been raised with working breeds, and loves working with behavioral cases. A-Z DOGS LLC was created to look at the whole dog for a successful and custom training program.

Ruth has been in the dog professional career for eight plus years and has experience with small and large breeds, behavioral, reactivity, and aggression cases.

Ruth and her husband, Alan, love dogs and have three of their own. Oakley is a 5 yr old Akita and Cattle Dog Mix that they adopted. Zena is a Husky and Pitt mix that Ruth took in as an unruly puppy. Last but not least is their five pound chihuahua that they rescued as well.

Check out what Ruth recommends for training:


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Who We Are

Our holistic services focus on the entire animal: emotionally, muscoskeletal, and physiologically. We offer acupressure, red light therapy, and aromatherapy for canine, felines and equines. Our nationally certified acupressure practitioners develop a tailored session plan based on the animals needs. During a session, we aim to strengthen the animals natural immune system and restore balance within the animal. Our services are preventative care as well as complementary to veterinary care.

Carolina Gandrud

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