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Gaines Family Farmstead Sweet Potato Chews

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Product description

When it comes to our sweet potato chews, we take extra care in the manufacturing process to ensure absolutely zero chemicals or additives are used. Our treats contain no salt, grain, dye, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives.

All Natural, One Ingredient

Your pup will love these single-ingredient sweet potato snacks! Not only are they low in fat, but also provide your dog with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Rich in Vitamin A and C, adding them to your furry friend's diet can give a positive boost to their well being and immunity. These treats are an easy way to provide extra nutrition for your dog.

Family-Owned, Made in the USA

At Gaines Family Farmstead, ensuring the quality and origin of their snacks is extremely important. This begins with selecting sweet potatoes from local farms in the southern US. They’re taken to a nearby food-grade manufacturing facility, where they’re sliced and dehydrated in order to preserve their freshness and natural flavor - guaranteeing that you get the same great taste each time!

Good For All Breeds

Our healthy treats are good for all breeds and all sizes. No matter what kind of dog you have, these tasty treats will boost their health and make them happy!