MidWest Contour Single Door Crate

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Product description

  • Create a den-like space for your pet allowing proper ventilation and visibility
  • Reinforced door has multiple lock points and a safe, secure slide-bolt latch
  • Door also features a low threshold and large opening allowing your pet to easily enter and exit the crate
  • Crates set up and fold down easily to portable size – no tools required
  • Durable Satin Black electro-coat finish
  • Leak-proof plastic pan – tough and easy to clean
  • Include free divider panel that allows you to adjust length of living area as your puppy grows into its adult-size home.
  • Available in six sizes, from 18- inches long to 48-inches long

If you have a puppy to train and housebreak, you’ll like how much easier that is to do with a Contour™ Single-Door Folding Crate. It’s great for taking your pet on travels, too, providing a secure, personal, den-like space for your dog wherever you go. Of special note, this dog crate features our exclusive LapLock™ Technology, which creates convenient multiple lock points on the perimeter of the door and provides the safety and security of a slide-bolt latch. Since the door has a low threshold and large opening, your pet can enter and exit the crate easily. Equally appealing, Contour™ crates set up in seconds and fold down flat for storage. They also include a plastic carrying handle for easy transportation. You’ll find that this dog crate comes equipped with every feature needed: a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of a puppy accident, surface protective rubber feet, and – most important of all – a FREE divider panel for use while your puppy is still growing up. 


18" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 818
Size: 12 W x 14 H x 18 L

24" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 824
Size: 18 W x 19 H x 24 L

30" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 830
Size: 19 W x 21 H x 30 L

36" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 836
Size: 23 W x 25 H x 36 L

42" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 842
Size: 28 W x 30 H x 42 L

48" Contour Dog Crate

Model: 848
Size: 30 W x 33 H x 48 L