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Tuesday's NDC Braided Bully Sticks

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Product description

Ingredients: Beef pizzle, beef intestine.

Description: A bull pizzle is split lengthwise, and these strips are braided together to create a braided bully stick. There is a tough strip of beef intestine wrapped around the end of the braid which helps keep its shape.

Key Benefits: This durable chew will help keep your dog occupied, alleviate boredom, and provide mental enrichment. Braided bully sticks tend to be much tougher compared to straight bully sticks. This chew is a source of easily digestible protein, including collagen. Great for teething puppies and adult dogs who need something heavy duty to chew.

This is NOT an odor free bully stick. There is some noticeable odor especially while being chewed. Dogs who are finicky eaters tend to be attracted to stronger smelling foods, so the low odor bully sticks may be a good recommendation for these types of dogs. Dogs often find the irregular texture of braided bully sticks interesting to chew on. 

Chew Meter: Tough. This is a very long lasting chew for the majority of dogs.