RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand

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Product description

Bring out the indoor "wild side" of your cat during playtime!

How to use; open cap at bottom of handle - pull string out to preferred length - coil excess string around finger and wrap a couple of times around string coil to prevent from loosening, hide string coil inside storage area.

  • Designed for playtime versatility, with an adjustable string (from 1” to 36”)
  • Ergonomically designed handle with string storage compartment - no more tangled strings when storing your toys!
  • Premium, hand-crafted cat toys. Inspiring your cats natural hunting instincts!
  • Built in safety feature on each toy. Durable synthetic and natural materials.
  • Perfect for exercising your cat.
  • Develop fun, interactive bonding experiences during playtime.
  • Adjustable String Wand is not interchangeable with the Critter Collector Toys.*